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We accept all American immigration stories (not only success).

This is your story, so tell it any way you want! Once you share your story, we will review it, and then we will post it for you. You can make your story as long as you want. You can include a photo but it's not required. We understand that this is a personal story, so some people may not want to include a name. Therefore name and email are optional for privacy reasons. By sharing your story here, you will receive a dedicated American immigration story page. You have the power to inspire people from around the world to come and join us in the land of opportunity.

Include any stories or experiences about your immigration to America, such as: where you came from, how you got here, how old were you when you arrived, what year you arrived, who you came with, why you came, who helped you when you arrived, what you went through and how you're doing now. You can tell any stories or experiences you want to include about your American journey. Some other ideas are: things you didn't expect in America, differences between America and your birth country, challenges you've faced and how you overcame them, and your American success. At the end of your story, you can also include tips and advice for newcomers to USA.

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